What is on site?

On site chair massage is becoming a growing part of a company's commitment to their employee. Our professionals will arrive at your workplace with everything that is required to begin your experience with absolute relaxation! We will arrive with our specially designed massage chair and our other supplies and set up quickly so that we can make your experience one that will allow you to relax and enjoy your treatment. You will find that our 15-20 minute massage can be adapted to any environment. We can set up to accommodate:

 On site cooperate meetings


 Trade Shows & Conventions

 Call Centres

 Golf Tournaments

 Or in any group setting

Theresa L. Hawco

In her work as a Seated Massage Practitioner, Theresa Hawco uses special techniques to relax her clients. She also conducts Stress Management Seminars in order to educate people on how to continue reducing their stress in other areas of their lives so they can live a pro-active lifestyle. Theresa has been researching Stress Management for 10 years. Over time, she has received extensive training in many other areas such as:


 Certified Reiki Practitioner

 N.L.P. (in depth communication course)

 Certificates in Personal Growth and Development

 H.U.G.S. Nutrition Program


Ms. Hawco is very involved in her community. She is currently a member of The Peel Coalition for Body Image where she speaks specifically on Eating Disorders. For the last 8 years, she has volunteered her services in helping the Food Path of Mississauga to raise money for people who are less fortunate.